Month: April 2019

Wrecked your iPhone X? Don’t Press the Panic Button!

by admin | April 17, 2019 | iPhone Repair | Tags: , ,

Did you of late get a new iPhone Xs? Did you buy it right away after its release? Or did you wait for a couple of weeks after its launch to be a proud owner? No matter when you owned it up, you surely must have been thrilled to bits. And think of the...

Encountered! Typical Problems with Cutting-Edge Smartphones!

by admin | April 17, 2019 | Cell Phone Repair | Tags: , ,

Are you the owner of a Samsung Galaxy? Are you currently using an iPhone? No matter the model of smartphone you have and flaunt, it’s imperative by now you’re aware that a phone repair or replacement of a part of the phone is inescapable since od...

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