It Is Possible to Fix Schools’ Broken iPad

With the introduction of various versions of iPads, like iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad 4, manipulating touchscreen technology has become easier. Even very young children can now take advantage of computers. The devices can be easily used in the classroom as these are handy and load fast.

To improve communication, most of the schools give free iPads to their students, teachers and teaching assistants. Interactive sessions make learning engaging and fun. There are greater sharing of resources among students and teachers. The students learn more efficiently as they get instant feedback from the teachers. In a word, introducing iPad in schools has revolutionized the way children are taught.

But constant usage leads to damage of the devices. Since iPads are fragile, often students end up with cracked screens, damaged LCD’s or they suffer from issues like home button is not working. Since this is a constant problem many schools maintain a technical team. However, repairing an iPad is tough. Moreover, schools have a tight budget which makes it impossible to maintain a technical team and it is not possible to always replace the damaged device with a new one. The only available option left for the school in such scenarios is to send the damaged device outside for repair.

Sending it back to Apple

If the iPad is still under warranty you can send it back o Apple for any manufacturing defects. However, they charge to replace a cracked screen. The charge for replacing a damaged screen is quite high.

212 NYC Wireless Repair

If it is too high a budget for the school, it is best to consult an experienced retailer. Teachers or other school staffs do not have time to worry about a particular student’s broken iPad or getting it fixed. They will never visit the store and drop the device for repair. So, we at 212 NYC Wireless repairs pick it up from school and drop it after completion of the job. We try to offer corporate discounts for repairing iPads in bulk. Our service is affordable, fast and efficient.

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