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Mobile phones have come a long way from being clunky and complicated to really simple and unique. Mobile phones provide features that are quite impressive and overwhelming due to the wide range of facilities that they have. These phones come with touch screens, applications, powerful cameras, and even scanners. It is important to realize that while mobile phones have become quite easy to use and simple to understand, the machinery has become quite complicated to manufacture. Phones nowadays are also quite delicate, and therefore, the chances of getting damaged are also quite natural. One of the massive problems that most users face nowadays, for instance, is that in the case of Apple phones, the iPhone screen repair cost is quite high, and company service centers often ask for a lot of money to get the repair done. 212 NYC Wireless, on the other hand, not only provides repair services for Apple phones, but they provide a variety of services for various other gadgets and devices at affordable prices. 

1.  Apple Repair

One of the most important services that are being provided by 212 NYC Wireless is Apple Repair services. The company provides services for both iPhone and iPad, and at the same time, they provide Macbook repair services. The company has made a name as one of the best in the city of New York as they provide all-round services, which include screen repair to amending any kind of internal technical issue that a phone might be having. One of the company’s key advantages is that they repair all models starting from iPhone 5C to iPhone 11 PRO Max. The company offers huge discounts since Apple phones are very costly to repair in general, which makes them a top choice. 

2.  Samsung Repair

Samsung mobile phones are one of the most common devices that people use. Samsung mobile phones are quite different from Apple phones in their architecture and design as they use android in response to the iOS as used by Apple. One of the key things about Samsung repair is that 212 NYC Wireless tries to provide repair services to even the oldest phones in the Galaxy S series of Samsung. Samsung phones are extremely delicate as they use the OLED screen display, making the devices quite fragile. The repair services provided by 212 NYC Wireless usually ensure that all such aspects are covered for the best services. Apart from repairing the cell phones, the company also provides products like Samsung unlocked cell phones, including a wide range of models for sale. 

3.  Google Pixel Repair

Google Pixel phones are extremely costly, and therefore, any damage to those phones is always unfortunate. Therefore, to ensure that the consumers never have to face the trouble of getting expensive repairs done, the company offers services like google pixel screen replacement, free diagnostic of the google pixel phone, and checks the device’s battery life with the help of top quality experts. 

End Note


Phone repair services are extremely crucial in the current days. This is because the recent pandemic has led to work from home, and therefore, several workers have to stay at home and communicate with their colleagues. Mobile phones provide ease of communication, and therefore, it is an urgent requirement that they are working smoothly and without any error. 212 NYC Wireless provides expert solutions to all kinds of devices, as presented above, which have made them one of the top phone repair stores in New York City.

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